The Complete Online Bidding Solution for Owners

With Etegri control remains with the owner throughout the tender process and a complete online bidding solution is provided. Etegri  allows owners to post their project publicly or privately with the click of a button, ensuring the best coverage and quality of bids regardless of project location. With online bonding, prequalification, custom bid forms, and results tabulation; Etegri  provides tremendous savings and efficiencies to its users and removes non-compliant bids from the tendering equation.

10 elements of complete bidding system

Features and Benefits

Project Owner

  • Fully compliant electronic responses eliminates risk of disputes
  • 30% – 60% time savings managing solicitation process
  • Complete flexibility: Sealed Bids, Open Bids,
  • RFQ, RFP, Supply Bid
  • Ensures greater competition and improved visibility into bidder activity
  • Faster, Easier, and Greener. Paperless process reduces risk of clerical errors
Project Bidder

  • More opportunities, more winning bids
  • Eliminate travel, couriers and faxing of bid submissions and bonds
  • Unique “in-session” bidding eliminates upload delays and late submissions
  • 24/7 access to all bidding documents
  • Automated notifications of relevant new opportunities and addenda
For an in-house demonstration, contact:
Curtis Griffith
Business Development Manager
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