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Invitation to Bid and Document Management

Manage your project and bid documents in the most cost efficient, easy and secure way using the latest cloud technology.

On Demand streamlines more than 60 important activities into one central, online platform for all your projects.Once your projects.

Once your project documents are uploaded into your secure account, you can easily control and share them, send invitations-to-bid, access our comprehensive trades database, manage online bid submission, automate notifications and much more. All this with a complete audit trail so you will know exactly who saw what and when.

  Hosted System Eliminates Capital Investment
  Simple Drag & Drop Uploads for Any File Format
  Easily Control and Share Documents with Your Team
  View, Search, Takeoff, or Annotate Documents Online
  Instantly Distribute Addenda
  Quickly Send Detailed Invitations to Bid
  Use Your Contact List, or Our Database
  Securely Receive Tabulated Bid Submissions Online
  Notifications Reduce Errors or Omissions Claims
   Reports & Logs Keep Track of Who Saw What, When
For an in-house demonstration, contact:
Curtis Griffith
Business Development Manager
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