Change is Good

All great things must come to an end.  This is a reality of our world, and with technology advancing at the rate it is, we are often just getting comfortable with a brand before we must say goodbye.  This has hardly been the case for the most beloved acronym in Alberta Construction circles – Construction Opportunities Online Network – or ‘COOLNet Alberta’ as you have likely known it, has survived 17 years of industry transformation and hard labor. Unlike many other brand transitions, our change comes from a position of strength, and with an eye to the future or our service offering to the industry.

In its place, COOLNet Alberta will re-invent itself as a bigger, stronger, modern version of its past self.  BuildWorks Canada will provide greater access to work and opportunities, create greater abilities to collaborate and network, and become a source of industry knowledge and information from trusted local sources across Western Canada. A partnership between Local Associations in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta, BuildWorks Canada is removing barriers to opportunities and promoting a more collaborative construction industry.

BuildWorks Canada will be the construction industry’s premiere business development and procurement platform. Serving the industry across Canada, BuildWorks combines national visibility with local experience to connect owners and general contractors to skilled providers.

Our comprehensive public directory will be the largest database of qualified providers available in the industry, viewed by tens of thousands of industry professionals looking to connect and find quality partners.  If you haven’t updated your company profile with up-to-date Scope of Work information, slide this to the top of your to do list.

The upgraded User Interface and User Experience provides a new modern look and feel, with more intuitive workflows and process.  Integration of our On Demand Invitation to Bid service and our public directory will create ease of communication between contractors and greater opportunity for your company to find work.  We have also added a new self-service advertising tool, creating flexible price points and the ability for you to advertise your company to a local market, entire province, or the entire platform. This is industry specific, targeted advertising re-defined.

BuildWorks Canada will create the greatest project exposure available to Construction Owners across Western Canada, and unparalleled access to more work and opportunities for contractors and service providers.  These two key values will continue to drive us in growing our service to the construction industry in Alberta, and across Canada.

I look forward to helping your organization grow.

Curtis Griffith

Director, Business Development

BuildWorks Canada – Where the Work Is

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