Connectivity through COOLNet

Most understand COOLNet as a place to log in, find work, get the plans, and log out.  While providing plans and specs to the industry is a primary role of our service, another equally important information and networking service is being provided.

Through the interested bidders and planholder lists, we are creating an opportunity for users to connect and build new relationships.  Advertising your company on a specific project by selecting “I’m bidding” is telling your industry partners, “we are open for business”.  This opportunity to connect with other contractors, suppliers, manufacturers, and vendors is invaluable to our industry.  Relationships are what build great buildings, and we aim to create a space to promote building new relationships with the best our industry has to offer.

In this spirit of connectivity & networking we will launch a new public directory service later this year.  A place for contractors to highlight past achievements, certifications, qualifications, key personnel, previous projects, photo’s, and more to new and prospective partners in an easily accessible public space.   This directory will be a place to connect and create new business relationships through all stages of construction procurement.

Good construction is so much more than just plans and specs, and we are working to help your business achieve its goals by creating a space to find new business partners and help build great project teams.  We look forward to launching this new service later this summer, and helping your company participate and find more work.

Good luck, and happy networking.

Curtis Griffith

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