I wish COOLNet would send me emails…

We recently conducted a COOLNet user survey and overwhelmingly we were asked, “can COOLNet Alberta send me emails when new opportunities are posted?”  YES! Yes it can.  COOLNet Alberta’s Opportunity Matching feature takes keywords and regions that you select and will send you daily emails for any new opportunities matching your selected regions and keywords.

To enable your Opportunity Matching follow the quick steps below.

1. Once logged into COOLNet hover over the “My Account” option at the top right of your screen.

2. Select “Edit Opportunity Matching”

3. Use either option to filter by Region, or Region & Keyword.  You can enter up to 10 Keywords to capture more opportunities.

4. Click Save.

Follow the same steps to update or edit your keywords if you are finding that you receive to few, or to many opportunities in your daily email.

We look forward to helping your business grow and be successful in 2017.

Curtis Griffith

Business Development Manager

COOLNet Alberta


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