Change is Good

June 7, 2018
All great things must come to an end.  This is a reality of our world, and with technology advancing at the rate it is, we are often just getting comfortable with a brand before we must say goodbye.  This has hardly been the case for the most beloved acronym in Alberta Construction circles – Construction Opportunities Online Network – or ‘COOLNet Alberta’ as you have likely known it, has survived 17 years of industry transformation and hard labor. Unlike many other ... Read more

Connectivity through COOLNet

March 1, 2018
Most understand COOLNet as a place to log in, find work, get the plans, and log out.  While providing plans and specs to the industry is a primary role of our service, another equally important information and networking service is being provided. Through the interested bidders and planholder lists, we are creating an opportunity for users to connect and build new relationships.  Advertising your company on a specific project by selecting “I’m bidding” is telling your industry partners, “we are open for ... Read more