Quickly check the rear view, then hit the gas.

As 2017 comes to an end and we all prepare for the holidays (10 adults and 10 children in a 3 bedroom farm house isn’t a ‘holiday’ in my opinion) it is a good time for a quick reflection on what we have accomplished, and more importantly, a view forward to where we are going.

2017 will see a new benchmark for opportunities available through COOLNet, with just over 4,000 publicly available projects, and close to 2,000 private invitational opportunities through our On Demand service.  These figures are important to us as we understand our core service is providing work and opportunities to the construction industry, while ensuring best value for Owners and Tendering Authorities.  There is no better place than COOLNet for contractors to find work, and no better place for owners to find the best contractors available, full stop.

As the year comes to an end we are certainly proud of our accomplishments but in our planning for 2018 there is a tangible excitement as we look to grow COOLNet Alberta and our service to the Construction Industry.  Through a new focused effort, we will increase the number of opportunities available, increase the value of information provided, implement a large-scale software upgrade, add a new directory service, and work with our partner provinces to serve the industry in providing better access to information across the country.

The COOLNet Alberta team takes immense pride in serving the entire Construction Industry across Alberta, so whether you work for the largest owner of construction, or you are employee 1 of 1 at your startup, let us know how we can help your business.


Merry Christmas,

Curtis Griffith

COOLNet Alberta


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