What is COOLNet Alberta, and what can it do?

COOLNet Alberta is the Online Plan room for the 8 Local Constructions in Alberta. It is specifically designed for construction tender document management and currently hosts 4,000+ construction projects annually in the Alberta marketplace. The project information can be viewed and downloaded by any LCA member company, and viewed for free by the public. COOLNet also includes the ‘On Demand’ private plan room module for project tendering, and Etegri for owners and online bidding.

COOLNet On Demand:

Designed for Contractors , this private plan room service centralizes the project tendering process with its built in Mail Center, File Manager, and reporting tools. Integrated into COOLNet it gives contractors  access to over 4,000 trades and suppliers province wide with all the benefits and advantages of a private plan room. On Demand ‘de-fragments’ the Invitation To Bid process, increasing efficiency in process and communication, saving users time and money.  Dropbox is great for sharing photo’s with your family, but when it comes to your construction documents, you need a service designed with construction in mind.

COOLNet Online Bidding:

Designed for project owners or owner reps, Etegri gives complete control to the owner on tendering their project and provides a complete online bidding solution. Etegri allows owners to post their project publicly or privately with the click of a button, ensuring the best coverage and quality of bids regardless of project location. With online bonding, prequalification, custom bid forms and results tabulation, Etegri provides tremendous savings and efficiencies to its owner users and removes non-compliant bids from the tendering equation.

Where can COOLNet go?

COOLNet is currently the leading provider of construction project information in the province, posting close to 100% of all publicly funded projects on its site. With the addition of On Demand and Etegri it has become a true centralized hub for all construction project information in the province. With all of these features integrated into the same COOLNet platform it can help build an industry standard in the tendering and bidding process, creating a fair and equitable platform to tender and bid construction projects for all parties.

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